Welcome! Louis Marx and Company (aka Marx Toys) was an American Toy manufacturer from 1919-1978. During this time, their toys touched a lot of lives and left us with memories we will cherish forever. This Website is dedicated to the toys of yesteryear - specifically Marx Toys.


Mar Toys -vs- Marx Toys

Marx Toys

Still to this date, many collectors mistakenly overlook the "X" in the Marx Toys logo. If you look at the logo to the left, you can clearly see why so many have confused the name of this magnificent company. The "X" extends inward from the inner circle and terminates just prior to reach the "A." If you search some of the famous Online auction sites, you will still see Marx Collectible Toys being listed as Mar Toys! Regardless of the name, I think many will agree that these collectibles are an important part of our childhood and American history!

Marx Toys as Collectibles

Many of us have retained some toys from our childhood in hopes of passing them down to our children or collecting them as a reminder of our childhood. What drives one to collect these toys? For me, my Marx Toys collection allows me to save some special moments of my childhood. While there is a lot of history in Marx Toys, the impact these toys had on my childhood is enormous. They are a part of my history as well, and just looking at them brings back fond memories. Memories of a time when I had little responsibility and plenty of playtime. A time when neighbors knew each others names. And a time when families would eat meals together. For me, my antique toys and collectible toys collections are priceless.

Buying or Selling?

29-April-2011 Mar Toys has partnered with eBay to showcase the trading of Marx Toys Collectibles... Whether you have items to sell or want to build your Marx Toys collection, eBay can help!
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