Antique Toys Identification and Appraisals

Whether you have an antique collection you wish to insure or resell, finding out the current value of your antiques is extremely important. Discovering the true value of your antiques can be a difficult task, so allow me to provide some tips.

One of the fastest ways to self appraise antique toys is to hop on over to eBay. This is also helpful in antique identification as well. Locate your item and watch what it sells for. This is provides a general idea of what your antique may be worth. The problem is that it is difficult to determine the condition from simply a photograph. But if your goal is to sell your antiques, then this may be a cost effective option for you.

Another way to determine the value of your antiques is to purchase a book that includes current antique price guides. We have a section of our Website that covers antique toy price guides. For a more comprehensive list of books covering antique values, please click here.

There are a good number of Websites that offer Online antique appraisals for a small fee. Many of these sites simply use reference books to determine the value of your antiques. They often require you to upload images of your antiques to make identification easier for them. I normally do not suggest using these services. For less then the cost of an Online appraisal, you can own the book they used to determine the value of your antiques. But for quick identification and appraisal for an item or two you plan to sell at eBay, Online antique appraisals can be good.

For those with a large collection of antiques, or possibly those that wish to insure their antiques, it is best to seek an ISA Certified appraisal. These are trained appraisers, which can accurately document the value of your antiques for insurance purposes or for other legal matters. To locate an ISA Certified Appraiser near you, please click here.


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